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an amazing new scottish cabaret show from the immensely talented Christine Sparks. christine was born in Renfrew, Scotland and grew up in the land of Burns poetry and Celtic folk music. The Celtic blood in her veins was surely a source of the magic and mystery that produced the artist.



Just as the bards of old would capture the very heart of their ancient Celtic communities in elaborate tales, myths & legends, & the druid priests would attempt to connect with the divine influence they saw in nature, so Christine Sparks poetically speaks from the heart of her culture while making a spiritual connection with her audience.  She is a Celtic artist by birth and by nature.



World Champion Motivational Speaker and renowned Scottish folk singer and guru, Watt Nichol, said this of Christine's voice, "Christine has the quality of voice that Burns' words deserve. Both are masters of exposing raw, natural emotion, creating timeless masterpieces. I have shared her voice with a number of people who are aware of perfection in the human voice and all agree that Christine is as good as it gets."



Christine is constantly creating and writing. She has a calling inside and is dedicated to creating the definitive Robert Burns Collection.




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