multi tribute show the time of your life is a combination of celebrities and stars from all walks of showbiz, be it current chart toppers like “Adelle” and “Michael Buble” or film favourites like “Calamity Jane”’Austin Powers” and the “Blues Brothers”. delivered with amazing accuracy by Steve Bishop & christy mac who recently completed a sell out tour of Scottish Theatres supporting The Francie and Josie Show.

Their stage presence, vocal delivery and overall charisma make them stand out on any stage, with trademark quality costume changes and complete character portrayals, which are second nature to them. The show also contains fully costumed tributes to the genres of 60s and Motown music.
Each show is different, being put together by this professional team to ensure the most appropriate show for each venue. If Lulu is having a night off you may find Dusty Springfield, stepping in to perform some of her 60s classics. If “Les Miserables” is too high brow for your audience, then “Ozzy Osbourne” is a sure fire winner.
The stunningly accurate costumes and the talent of two experienced performers who know how to entertain enhance the blend of comedy and music, Add to this a state of the art sound and lighting system and you a have a show fit to grace any stage.